Access Contacts Quickly

In quick fashion you’ll be able source leadsFrom your own personal portal and have directAccess to them through their business emailAddress. You’ll also be able to sort them by a Specific lists empowering you to access yourTargeted prospect with ease. Felix prides himself in not just source emails but dynamically storing them in your personal CRM.

Get Significant Intel On Each Prospect

Get days worth of research within seconds.Through our portal we provide you everythingYou need to know about your contact. You’ll beAble to get access to their work history, education,Interest, hobbies, local sports teams, weather, social media post, sales triggers and much more

Automate List Building

Felix delivers extensive sales intelligence to build your sales pipeline. No more struggling to identify sales leads. No more out-of-date list expensively purchased from data providers. Felix is straightforward, fully supported and easy-to-use friend of ours that empowers everyone to build an accurate, up-to-date list of prospects for sales, marketing, and recruiting purposes within seconds

Find anyone’s email

Email is the best way to start a conversation in a B2B sales environment. Felix finds professional business emails instantly. He enables you to build an accurate and deliverable email lists from performing simple searches.

Reach your prospects inbox

Felix knows how incredibly important is is to perform email validation. Whether you are sending promotional emails or lead generation campaigns. Your email reputation matters. With Felix’s email validation process he cleans and drastically improves your email campaign performance. You will experience more accurate campaign statistics with higher deliverability.

"Selling radically new technology means changing the mindset of your potential clients. It requires a more careful and personal approach than provided by traditional sales tools. We use Alfred to keep our prospects updated on recent changes in the AI market, and it works like a charm!"

Konstantin Savenkov     Founder and CEO, Intento

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